Torah Tots


Little ones who are more than a year away from starting Kindergarten and their parents. Temple membership is not required.  At 9 am, there will be a brief “service” in the sanctuary followed by a social gathering, bagels and a craft project. 

Upcoming dates:

Sunday Sept 16th

  Make Sukkot decorations –  October 21st  

  Thanksgiving – November 11th

  Chanukah  – December 9th  

  Shabbat – January 6th  

Sunday February 24th

    Purim Celebration and Carnival – March 17th *

  Passover Model Seder – March 31st **

  Friendship Day – May 19th; visit PreK/K classroom

*Join schoolwide celebration, which begins at 10 am

**Join schoolwide celebration, which begins at 9:15


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