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“ On Saturday, March 3, my husband, David, and I celebrated our daughter Emily’s Bat Mitzvah with a party in Temple Beth Elohim’s beautiful social hall, Vista on the Hill. We felt privileged to be having it there since it was the first Bar or Bat Mitzvah in our new temple home. I can not say enough positive things about it. The pleasure of moving from the synagogue to the lobby area and having a beautiful cocktail hour waiting was wonderful. We did not have to get in our cars and drive somewhere nor did we need to get transportation for Emily’s friends. After the cocktail hour, we entered the social hall, which the caterer set up beautifully. We had approximately 120 people and felt the room was a perfect size. We received many comments about the breathtaking view and the overall warm feeling in the room. We look forward to having our daughter Julie’s Bat Mitzvah there as well.”

D & D.S.

“Our daughter Rori’s Bat Mitzvah at Vista on the Hill, was just wonderful. The space was perfect for our 140 guests. The cocktail hour on the terrace was awesome; the view was fabulous. It was so nice to be able to walk from the sanctuary right into the cocktail hour on the terrace and in the lobby.”

M. & J.S.

“There are so many choices of where to have your special celebration. Choosing the right venue for a party is the building block. It sets the mood and atmosphere. Vista on the Hill did just that for our son’s Bar Mitzvah celebration.

It started with our cocktail hour on that lovely terrace, overlooking a magnificent landscape and spectacular September sky. What a view of the sunset! The banquet room, too, lends itself to having a great party. The decor is neutral enough to create any theme you wish. We were able to have a kid’s buffet, a plasma screen and DJ’s corner and still have a large space for everyone to dance. The beautiful hardwood floors allow for any configuration since you’re not limited by the location of the dance floor. The large glass windows allow for great lighting and keep it elegant when the sun goes down. There’s even a large lobby to extend parts of the party should you need. We set up tables for place cards and a sign-in book, which provided a great transition from the cocktail hour to the reception.

We received many compliments on the party, and could not have been more pleased with choosing Vista on the Hill for this very special occasion.

D. &  L.C.

I am so glad we used the Vista-on-the-Hill room for our son’s Bar Mitzvah party. Not only was it a great way to support the Temple, but it was also very convenient. It was great after such a beautiful ceremony to walk out of the sanctuary straight into our party. We held the cocktail hour in the lobby, so we literally went from the service into the party! It was also very convenient for our guests, many of whom traveled form Long Island and New Jersey. They didn’t need to get back in their cars and drive an additional distance to a party. The lobby and banquet room looked beautiful, all dressed up for a party, enhanced by that terrific view!


Having two Bar Mitzvahs at the Vista on the Hill was a worry free, convenient and beautiful way to celebrate our special events. We were able to decorate and personalize the room to fit each of our sons’ varied interests.  Over 100 guests were seated comfortably with adequate room for the DJ and dance floor as well as a buffet line.  Our caterers were especially grateful for the dedicated service entrance in the rear and for the spacious kitchen facilities. Having the party at the same location as the ceremony eliminated a transportation issue for the children and guests were able to enjoy the cocktail hour immediately following.  The flexibility of having the cocktail hour both on the terrace and in the foyer was quite enjoyable.  All and all were were extremely pleased with our decision to utilize the Temple’s beautiful facilities.